8 Shoe and Nail Polish Pairings That Take the Stress of Choosing a Color

8 Shoe and Nail Polish Pairings That Take the Stress of Choosing a Color

However, as we take the necessary actions to make sure that our feet are sandal-ready, knowing precisely which shades are pedicure-worthy will help to eliminate tension.

So we used the proficiency of Kiss items star manicurist Gina Edwards to create this guide on the best nail polish colors for 8 spring sandal designs. Scroll down to find out which combinations work best!

To highlight the casual feel of this shoe, Edwards suggests complementing colors in peach or coral.

Black nails provide a strong, strong, warrior look, states Edwards.

According to Edwards, intense neon colors show a paradoxical, fun twist versus black shoes.

Kiss flashes are a perfect combination with a fuchsia nail, accenting the shine on the very first toe only, states Edwards. You never want to overdo it to take away the look of the shoe.

When sporting metallic silver and gold sandals, Edwards suggests cool, bronzy colors to keep a smooth circulation.

A gorgeous, bright red works incredibly, states Edwards. And we couldn’t concur more.

According to the nail pro, you have an open canvas for a full color spectrum when wearing neutral shoes. She includes, just take care with ornate nail art. Keep it simple and fresh.

White with a small opalescence provides a reflective surface versus bright-colored shoes, says Edwards.